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Maca extract it is a highly concentrate organic maca roots. Reduce chronic fatigue, male impotence, Increase Vitality, Reduce stress, testosterone booster, superb mood brighter, Anti aging. Helps to enhance the inmune system. Each pack contains 200 tabs each of 800 mg.


Super Maca. it is a natural energy booster blend. Used as Anti-fatigue, anti aging, aphrodisiac, energizer. Contains Maca, Kiwicha, Polen, Algarrobina, Soya. suggested for seniors who require high levels of energy. Each contains 250 tabs. .


Black Maca it is a new maca variety. A superb testosterone enhancer, anti aging, mood brighter, suggested for erecthly problems it is five times more powerful than regular maca. Pack contains 200 tabs. each of 500mg.


RSX Forte It is a true aphrodisiac blend of authentic exotic herbs. A 100% natural and organic mosthly used to improve the male and females performance: Maca extract, wild hunarpo, Chuchiwasi, Ginseng, Iporuro, Clavohuasca. Each pack contains 200 tabs.


Peru Herbals: It is Online business mosthly oriented to promote and distribute the highest quality of natural based supplements available to provide safe, state of the art solutions for your most important health needs. We only sell the best brands manufactured by laboratories that have been producing quality products under the pharmaceutical standards.